In a pot.

Gardeners cannot spent all their time barrowing mess to bonfires - it stupefies the gardening brain! Variety keeps the mind alive, and there must be some creativity in the gardening week. Right? Right!

Friday 29th September

So today I planted five of my rescued potted roses in the Hump Garden, choosing (hopefully) sensible places, and digging good sized planting holes. All their labels had faded, but I know that John Clare and Archduke Joseph are by the main path.

I scraped weeds off the paths ready for mulching, and popped in cornflowers and hollyhocks. I carefully extracted lots of what I call 'October weeds' - Shepherds' Needles? Parachute weeds? Then I went completely rogue. I deliberately left everything out there - tools, my good secateurs, piles of weeds, and so on. Yet another naughty moment of rebellion.

Saturday 30th September

Crikey, there's a very cold wind blowing around. Oh, right - it's a southerly, that explains things. The plan is to layer up warm and then collect weeds and tools from the Hump Garden. Then maybe do some more clearing of the gum tree mess. No burning. No moaning, either. Let that cool wind blow away any grumpiness.

 That time again!
Forget-Me-Nots and Phormium Leaves

Much later...

I collected yesterday's weeds, and then weeded a compartment of the Allotment Garden. Just not sure what to do with the viburnum shrubs that are resprouting. When in doubt, do nothing? The start of many a huge gardening mistake, hee hee.

 The next blossom tree to flower.
Kanzan Flowering Cherry

I cleared more mess from the felled gum tree. Didn't feel particularly positive about my ability to be a good gardener. Then - magic! Non-Gardening Partner mowed all the lawns, and all my borders looked beautiful again. So that's all it takes?