Spring So Far - 2010

 Vibrant colours of spring!
Yellow Wattle, Red Rhododendron

Spring has come yet again to the Moosey garden. Yet again I'm surprised by all the things I forgot to look forward to.

They're little things (like the blue striped crocuses) or big things (like the huge Wattle trees in flower). The spring garden is full of stars just waiting to be noticed. And sometimes they're not immediately obvious.

Four Gardening Seasons

I love all four gardening seasons. Summer has timelessness about it - there's daylight to spare, enough to start late or begin early. I always remember autumn for its colour and calmness. The air is always still (no wind) and so I, too, cease blustering and booming through the garden.

Then winter is wonderfully busy - it's down-to-earth earthy, wearing thermal underwear, digging to keep warm, packing as much as possible into a short chilly day. Winter is my 'doing things' season.

Eyes Wide Open

But spring is when I see things. It's my 'eyes-wide-open' season, and my journal is full of little notes. This is in flower, I've just seen that - the garden is crammed full of exciting visual treats. I keep going off for walks and wanders, peeping here and there to see what's up.

 A pretty pink.
Prunus Blossom

It's not just flowery things that catch my eager eyes. of course there are masses of yellow daffodils, blossom, primroses, Camellias blooming, and the early rhododendrons to enjoy. But I also notice all the beetles and bugs (so many, all scurrying shyly out of sight) and the fungi on the tree stumps. And - oops - that shrub which missed pruning, this rose which needs shifting...

 Rhododendron leaf, big pink Camellia, Graham Rhododendron.
Spring Surprises

Here are some photographs of the best spring surprises so far this year, 2010. It's early days, spring-wise, so I'm looking forward to seeing more and more. Enjoy!