Water Gardens

 Flowing beneath Rooster bridge.
Water Under the Bridge

In the Moosey garden water is taken for granted - the pond and the irrigation race are functional, though I've enjoyed experimenting with their waterside plantings. There's indescribable magic in the sound of running water, evoking a most peaceful ambience.

Serious water features and designs are a definite art form, and there are many books and magazines devoted to these. And it's a well known fact that people with ponds are friendly folk, and love meeting other people with ponds.

You might like to check out the links below to water gardens and water gardening.

Pond and Water Gardens

 Daffodils Ngatea Water Gardens
Visit the Ngatea Water Gardens, just an hour from Auckland. The five acres of water gardens even has a castle!

Informative Water and Pond Sites

Water Features Online
Pond Institute articles on garden water features, with an RSS news feed. Also has an large online catalogue - some of the stone and stainless steel water features remind me of the Chelsea exhibits.
The Biggs Wildlife Pond
Follow The Biggs Wildlife Pond over the years and Meet a Big Red Skimmer!
My Water Garden
A Good Pond gardening resource with a good pond making and design guide.
The Real McKoi
More about pond fish and Koi than gardening. The Trout in my pond are always accidental migrants from the water race.