Garden Tools & Accessories

 Gloves and trowel.
Essential Gardening Accessories

I suppose gardeners could garden with their bare hands, or use implements sneaked out of the kitchen cutlery drawer. At Mooseys this only happens when all the current diggers, secateurs, and gardening gloves are temporarily misplaced (in other words, mulched).

So here are some links to the makers of gardening diggers, secateurs and gloves - and all the other types of garden accessory which most gardeners can easily justify purchasing. And accessories for those apres gardening moments, when the most special creams and potions, for example, are so well deserved.

Tools & accessories suppliers

 Daffodils Womans Work
Great fitting gloves! Mail order delivers around the world.
 Daffodils Funky Wellington Boots
Wellington boots in colourful, unusual designs.
 Daffodils Gardening Tools
Gardening Tools Direct offers a wide range of garden machinery, including mowers, brush cutters, chainsaws and hedge cutters. Free delivery in the UK.