Jack's Sequoia Gardens Blog

Here is the best ever garden blog for you to enjoy - it's from an amazing gardener and writer in South Africa. It's my friend Jack's blog about his garden and life at Sequoia Farm, and I'm probably very biased!

Jack gets this links page all to himself because he is such a generous web-friend as well as being an inspiring gardener. In the early days of the Moosey forums Jack arrived to share his stories and his photographs. From then on he's always been there, making encouraging noises when I get down in the gardening dumps, wishing me all the best when the local Garden Club visits...

 All these and more can be seen on the Moosey forum.
Jack's Sequoia Gardens Photographs

This modest master-gardener and blogger hasn't even asked me to do him a link. So Jack, this whole page is your link - just for you! And sincere (even gushing?) thanks for sharing your world of dogs, dreams, family and gardens in South Africa with me.

Jack's Blog

 Daffodils Sequoia Farm
This is a must-visit blog about a must-visit garden in South Africa. Jack's gardening stories and phgotography are a delight. Well, of course, he was once an amazing English teacher, as well as a garden designer of extreme talent...