Hosta Gardens

hosta leaf closeup
Shaded Hosta Leaves

Hostas are one of the most popular foliage plants. They are remarkably easy to grow (as long as the slugs and snails are dealt to). Hosta breeding has introduced some amazing leaf variations, too.

Mooseys has a lot of hostas, but none of the names are known. Hosta breeders will shudder at this, and at the total lack of knowledge of hosta types planted in the Moosey garden. Visits to the following websites should therefore be compulsory for one gardener, at least!

Favourite Hosta Resources

 Daffodils The American Hosta Society
The largest Hosta Society in the world has a strong scientific emphasis and a lot of information.
 Daffodils The Hosta Library
 Daffodils Houpt's Hosta Habit
Houpt's is a complete website for hosta lovers with pictures, links, hosta growing and planting guides and a dedicated hosta forum.
 Daffodils Hosta Species and Cultivars List
 Daffodils The Hosta Network
All shades of hosta information in this comprehensive resource.
 Daffodils Hosta-Encyclopaedia
A frequently-updated site with a stunning collection of Hosta photography. Click on 'updates' for recent photos of the hostas included.
 Daffodils Hosta Valley
Hosta information and photos, including 'hosta of the week'.