New Zealand Phormiums (Flaxes)

 This flax is called Cream Delight.
Striped Flax

The Moosey garden is full of New Zealand flaxes. They catch the eye of our visitors, and we get many requests from hopeful flax owners worldwide. New Zealand gardeners, of course, are lucky in being able to source all sorts of flaxes easily and often very cheaply.

When a new hybrid is released I can't resist buying one - whether it's a spikey two metre giant or a softly cascading miniature. I make every effort to remember its name, too, knowing just how popular these plants are.

If you've enjoyed seeing the flaxes in the Moosey garden, the following links can give you more information.

New Zealand Phormiums (Flaxes)

 Daffodils Monterey Bay Nursery
A nursery in California which catalogues a good selection of New Zealand flaxes (and Australian plants) AND gives great planting advice. Thanks to my gardening friend Mary Kennedy (Lorona Nursery, San Diego County) for the introduction.
 Daffodils New Zealand Natives
An informative New Zealand gardening site.
 Daffodils San Marcos Growers
A comprehensive site, including the history and differing varieties of flax.