Online Garden Community

 But I love meeting other gardeners on the web.
A Shy Gardener

There are many online garden communities who meet and communicate in forums, chat-rooms, and other assorted interactive sites. The following are links to sites which will give an online garden experience.

Here are places where you can sound extremely knowledgeable, and confident, even if in reality you're not! Online gardening sites are the perfect meeting places for shy gardeners on days that are too cold or wet to be doing the real thing.

Online Gardening Communities and Forums

 Daffodils The Moosey Garden Forum
Shamelessly home-grown - the Moosey forums are well worth a visit.
 Daffodils Old Pharmer Phil's Country Living Phorum
Such a great place to visit - a forum for discussing country life.
 Daffodils Garden Forum
Lots of interesting topics from a growing community of gardeners.
 Daffodils Garden Web Forums
A great variety of topics for you to discuss.
 Daffodils Over the Garden Gate
A lovely name for a forum site.