New Zealand Native Plants

 A much loved spikey New Zealand plant.

Sometimes the gardener who knows the least about New Zealand natives will be a native New Zealander gardener, so to speak! NZ native plants are so often taken for granted in their natural surroundings, and used in our gardens quite casually.

From stylish flaxes to the slow growing native trees, there are New Zealand natives for every planting style.

There are beautifully simple and elegant foliage plants, and the crazy divaricating shrubs which look like a tangle of horticultural scribbles. New Zealand natives can provide wonderful hedges, stout windbreaks, feature trees and flowering treasures like the hebe family.

NZ Native Plant Nurseries & Resources

 Daffodils New Zealand Plant Conservation Network
A lovely site about New Zealand natives.
 Daffodils Oratia Native Plant Nursery
A good place to check out New Zealand natives, with a great plant search feature.
 Daffodils Royal New Zealand Institute of Horticulture
The RNZIH aims to encourage and improve horticulture in New Zealand by promoting the understanding, appreciation, conservation and use of plants.
 Daffodils The Hidden Forest
A beautiful and fascinating web site dedicated to Forest Fungi from Auckland New Zealand. Lots of macro photography and information about things that grow in "dark damp places."