Organic Gardening

 On a Nancy Steen rose.
Organic Moosey Praying Mantis

Organic gardening ideas aren't new, and they can teach us a great deal. Mooseys is as organic as it can be, and tries to be aware of the bigger organic gardening environment.

Many ornamental sprays will kill beneficial insects like ladybirds - and who by choice wants to have nasty chemicals on their vegetables? Chemicals don't just stay on the surface, either - they can leach down into aquifers and contaminate water supplies.

So if you think that organic gardeners (and farmers) are a bunch of loonies and greenies, think again! Enjoy the following links to websites where you'll learn more about the organic movement.

Organic Gardening Links

 Daffodils Organic Pathways
This is a great New Zealand organic site.
 Daffodils Rose Gardening The Organic Way
Learn how to grow roses organically, without chemical fertilizers and pesticides.
 Daffodils The Centre for Alternative Technology
A great site for info, books and lots of clever alternative products.
 Daffodils Avant Gardening
Creative and practical advice on organic gardening, from a high-altitude Mexican formal garden.
 Daffodils Organic Gardening
This site is now closed down, but its history makes interesting reading. The link will take you to an explanation of what happened. Thanks to Rachel for updating me.
 Daffodils Organic Gardening Tips
A comprehensive directory of organic gardening tips.
 Daffodils Green Living
For green living tips, product reviews and environmental health updates and advice.