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Weve pruned back these favourite rose related websites
Blooming Rose Resources

Roses are possibly the most popular flowers. They are beautiful, romantic, strong-willed plants. Much is written about their history and cultivation. Old fashioned roses have recently made a comeback, and new varieties continue to impress.

There are so many different types of roses, and so many different ways to grow and enjoy them. Nothing can compare to freshly picked roses in a vase in the house. Rose history is really interesting, and breeders like David Austin are combining the best of the old rose characteristic with the new.

There are over two hundred roses in the Moosey garden, and for once most of their names are well known. Here are some websites which specialise in that phenomenal flower - the rose.

Rose Resources

 Daffodils Rose File
This site is great! The photographs are stunning, and Steve's love for roses fills every page. Much recommended, first introduced into the Moosey Forum by Jack (who gardens in South Africa). Must be visited!
 Daffodils David Austin Roses
The home of the English rose.
 Daffodils Lady Jai's Roses
You can complain that roses have thorns, or you can rejoice that thorns have roses!
 Daffodils Olympia Rose Society
 Daffodils The Old Lady of Old Roses
 Daffodils World Federation of Rose Societies
An association of the national Rose Societies of 36 countries, and a gateway to information about roses around the world.