2013 Earthquake Anniversary

 Pinky white with dark stamens.
Jacqueline du Pre Rose

February 22nd was the anniversary of the big Christchurch earthquake. The plan was to have my personal minute's silence by the tree I'd held onto at that sad time. (I was deep in the depths of my garden). I'd never forget that comforting hug. Thank you, tree!

So there I was, whirling around the paths in the Shrubbery like a frenetic ballroom dancer. Exactly which tree was THE special one? This forked Cordyline? That huge rough-barked pine tree? In the rush, everything looked different. Oh my goodness - it's as if my garden was playing tricks on me. Thought I'd always remember, did I now?

Mind you, I was also frantically brushing the knots out of my plait in an attempt to look civilised. Sometimes gardeners just don't have time for personal grooming. Daughter of Moosey was arriving from her work to share the moment, and she'd be well-dressed. Standards!

 Floating past the ferns and flaxes.
Rose Petals in the Water

I Chose the Cordyline...

I chose the Cordyline, hugged it, gave thanks, and sent my love and energy to those who'd lost family and friends. In the city people were gathering and floating flower petals down the city's small winding river.

Daughter and I stood on my bridge with handfuls of petals from the rose Jacqueline du Pre (such a wonderful 'cellist) and flung them into the current. They bobbled down the water race through the flaxes and ferns.

The dance of gardening life is also a dance of joy. So with a few tears and a sniffy nose I waltzed back to give the big pine tree a hug, too. And the bark-peeling Eucalyptus. Just in case.

Two Gentle Garden Memorials

I have two gentle earthquake memorials in my own garden, made with so called 'earthquake bricks' - my koru courtyard, secluded under leafy trees in the Dog-Path Garden, and the pride of my vegetable garden - a tall herb brick spiral. The koru, the unfurling fern frond, is itself a spiral, and symbolises new growth and new befinnings.

 Both built with bricks that fell down in the earthquake.
Koru Courtyard and Herb Spiral