Sneaky Spring

It's sneaky spring - quick! Make sure you look up and down, and take photographs, and enjoy - before the wind blows all the cherry blossom off, and the warmth in the garden gets too much greenery going.

These early spring treasures are easily missed! It's true. Never wait until tomorrow to marvel at the daffodils, or pick the bluebells, or take those photographs of the frothy blossom.

 A lovely road to drive down in spring.
Flowering Cherry Trees

Spring is a sneaky season. The gardener is lulled into a state of dreamy contemplation of the wonders of rebirth, the bravery of nature waking up. The first real spring colours are wonderful to see after a winter indoors or in the freezing cold glass-house.

More Yellow, Please!

Spring can seem timeless, as more and more bulbs bloom and fresh new colours make their appearance in the garden. Hello, blue! Hello pink! More yellow, please! There's no hurry. Blossom trees gently open their flowers, and it's all too easy to forget the calendar as the house is filled with vases of daffodils.

 Close up and beautiful.
Moosey Daffodils

In my garden the daffodil supply seems endless - for several years now I've been a big mixed-bag spender. I've seen an autumn gap, and popped in a clump of spring bulbs. I love spring gardening underneath the bright yellow flowering Wattles, and the soft fluttering plum blossom. It's magical.

 Everyone is taking photographs.
The Daffodil Woods

Of course a community minded gardener mustn't miss the display at the local Botanic Gardens, either. Public flowering cherry trees have been planted to be admired, and the yellow daffodils which have naturalised underneath the towering trees are there for the visitor's enjoyment.


Photographs must be taken swimming in the sea of yellow trumpets, or leaning against the fork of an ancient Prunus, planted by the city's ancestors. Everyone is careful not to tread on the flowers, or squash anything!

 These cherry trees are quite old.
Blossom in the Botanic Gardens

But the pink and white cherry blossom and the yellow daffodils are really only the beginning. And so very soon, in the blink of an eye and a puff of wind, the blossom will blow off, and the spring flowers will wilt. Funny how spring bulb foliage can last an age before it dies off!

 Close up the flowers are just as messy as mine!
Yellow Carpet

Wait - There's More!

But wait - what's next? There's more - the beautiful colours of flowering rhododendron shrubs. And the Wisteria. And tulips. Yippee! Where's my camera?