Think Pink

 One of the spring features in my garden.
Weeping Pink Malus

The rhododendrons really started this year's big love affair with pink. The Moosey gardens had a forced winter clean out, so the rhododendrons woke up to clear, light, fresh spring air. Whoosh! Yippee! Bloom, bloom, bloom...

Masses of pink flowers resulted. Enough pink to admire from a distant garden seat. Pink to fill the house vases. Pink rhododendrons I never knew I had - simply beautiful, simply pink.

Camellias First

Of course the Camellias in early spring have already provided a wonderful pink prelude. With overhanging trees and pushy Pittosporums pruned, they have flowered magnificently for weeks.

A small flowered camellia called Gay Baby has been amazing - she's been generously covered with rose-like blooms for so long now. All because branches above her were properly trimmed. Thank you, winter snow storm, thank you for forcing me to prune.

Pink Blossom and Pink Pansies

My Crab-Apple trees have joined in the pink party, sprinkling the skyline with pink blossom. In the middle of the spring borders I can see the pretty pink Aquilegias. And down at ground level, groups of pink-faced pansies peep shyly back at the equally pink-faced Head Gardener. Whew! Gardening can be such hot work.

It's all so heart warming, and so very simple. Pink is a pretty, soft, and loving colour - perfect for my garden.

Homage to Pink

So I've decided to pay personal homage by including this colour in my spring gardening attire. But I need to be careful. Older lady gardeners who are suddenly clothed head to toe in pastel baby pink could give the impression of advanced senility. The sons and daughter of Moosey might be alarmed.

 This rhododedron loves having the space to breathe - and to bloom!
New Pink Rhododendron

So I've settled for the cutest girlie-pink gardening shoes, and a pair of soft pink gloves. I've also bought a new bright pink flowering cherry tree called Kanzan and three standard Blushing Pink Iceberg roses.

 Shoes, and gloves. Lovely!
New Pink Garden Accessories

Think Pink

Think pink! That's my garden motto for this year.