Raindrops on Roses

Whiskers on kittens - and raindrops on roses - these are definitely some of my favourite things. That is, as long as the raindrops are warm and gently vertical, and the rose petals aren't getting drenched.

A Few of My Favourite Things...

It's early summer, and I have a lot of new roses to enjoy. It's raining gently, which is great for the garden - so I decide to put the words of that very famous Sound of Music song to the test. My kittens have grown into cats, so I grab my camera and my large black umbrella and off I go to search out the roses.

 Such warm colours, and beautifully formed flowers.

My first visit is to the climbers on the rose archways in the Hazelnut Orchard. This is their second summer, and so they are modestly head-high. Some, like Eastlea's Golden Rambler, may prove too vigorous for the arches, but what a beautiful rose he is! Large, well formed blooms for a rambler - and not so thorny!

Meg the Marvelous

Meg is a wonderful sight in the rain - a glowing apricot colour, petals with such a satin sheen. She looks almost edible. There's regretfully only one of her - singular Meg was a last minute purchase in a rose sale. So often, the well-planned can disappoint, while the impulse rose becomes the very best!

A Drop-Dead Gorgeous Madame

A third rose is absolutely drop-dead gorgeous. Oops - that's an unfortunate phrase, which all roses in the Moosey Garden would do well to ignore. Particularly those in the orchard, where fussy rose-mothering is not guaranteed.

 A beautiful new rose for me to enjoy.
Madame Caroline Testout

She's a delicate, beautiful pink Madame - Caroline Testout, the mother of the hybrid tea roses that rose breeders have tinkered with for decades.

 What a honey of a rose!

It's a question of balance - the black umbrella keeps me and the camera dry, but tends to shade the light. So we wander wetly on to the Birthday Rose Garden for the last pictures. It's too early for these roses - the only bloomer is the exquisite honey pastel Roydon.

Summer Rain

Across the grass path in the Stables garden the honey yellow climber is glowing in this summer rainstorm. The blooms are the colour of golden orange marmalade. Yum! But I'm getting too wet - it's time to shelter and dry the camera.

 Glowing golden in the rain.
Honey Yellow Rose

I hope that like me that you'll see some of your favourite things in my roses-with-raindrops pictures!