Country Gardens

Non-Gardening partner often brings me home gardening magazines and books from the big town library. I've been enjoying his latest choice - it's called Country Gardens, an American magazine full of cottage garden style.

 Look at that gorgeous garden border - and that shed!
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Country Gardens

Meredith Publishing Group

Ha! As well as being a brilliant quick-flick read, this is a magazine with hidden depths. I've met delightful gardeners with pretty gardens, and found great information on garden design and plant choice - two aspects of gardening that I could certainly use some help with.

I'm a shameless cottage garden fan - these days not terribly fashionable. In my neck of the woods gardeners are busy discovering a true South Pacific style, lustily embracing all the native shrubs, trees, and grasses they can ecologically source. Paua shells decorate the pots, Cabbage trees flank the front porch, and so on...

Cottage country may be 'out', but not in the Moosey Garden or the preferred Moosey reading material! I love the pretty roses and perennials in Country Gardens, and the layouts of the gardens pictured. My latest issue has a beautiful feature on Irish Gardens, and I've immediately been making secret plans for a modest Moosey tour of the Emerald Isle. And I absolutely adore the garden sheds.

 Brilliant to read.
Country Gardens Magazines

Concerning Garden Sheds...

Dear Non-Gardening Partner has been avoiding building me a small garden shed for months now. It's ironic then, that just about all the gardens photographed in Country Gardens have a shed, usually taking pride of place in the picture. I've been able to show him small potting sheds, large sheds with stained-glass windows, sheds with wide inviting verandahs, and skylights... Yes! And they're nearly all home-built, using recycled bits of this and that. It would be far cheaper for him to just buy me a magazine subscription...