Rural Farm Paddock

Cats, dogs, and gardeners often wander down the long drive to the hay barn for some gentle exercise. Dogs enjoy the smells and the possibility of rabbits to chase. Cats usually play chasing with each other, and the gardener checks out the Hazelnut trees.

 Two dogs, one Fred cat.
Walking in the orchard

The sheep, too, enjoy this walk each year, when they go down to the front paddock and then off to be shorn.

 The trees have all grown!
Down the Back Paddock - 2010

In the photograph below Rusty the new puppy is on a walk to the Hay Barn, and the Hazel rows are definitely recognisable as trees! There was a small amount of rabbit damage during the summer of 2005 - nothing too serious.

 Rusty is only a puppy.
Long Drive - 2005

Below is an archive photograph of the long drive down to the hay barn, taken in the year 1997. The paddock used to be grazed by the sheep. You can see the hay-barn in the distance. In this early photograph the Hazelnut trees have not yet been planted.

 This is one of the sheep paddocks.
down the back paddock - 1997

Just think - all this land could be turned into a garden...