Free Range Hens

The Hazelnut Orchard is a huge poultry playground. Every day my hens (and their bossy rooster) scratch and forage for grubs in the orchard paddock, following the sun.

 Photograph by Son-In-Law.
Chooks in the Orchard

Early mornings see them over by the long drive to the haybarn, then by the afternoon I'll find them collapsed by the water tank, relaxing. Their chicken run leads into the orchard, and the way is always open.

Chook Company

When I'm weeding around the orchard roses I get chook company. The hens are fun, staring underneath my hands looking for anything that wriggles, but rooster can be a bit alarming. Too close! Too noisy!

 I have striped hens and plain black hens in my poultry gang.
Chooks in the Orchard

I've created the impression of hens with a meaningful, sensible free-ranging routine. Actually they are much more random - often deciding that 'free-ranging' should include my ornamental gardens. Aargh!