Memorial Cherry Blossom

In 2014 I planted a memorial tree for Little Mac, our dearly departed black and white cat. Cat's Memorial Row in the orchard was a bit full, so her tree was planted in the Island Bed. It's a Prunus subhirtella, an autumn-winter flowering cherry.

 Just flowering, in late autumn.
Memorial for Mac - Prunus subhirtella

My goodness I miss my little black and white cat with the goggle eyes. She's the first cat I've ever 'lost'. Even now (over a year later) when I'm out walking I find myself looking underneath the hedges, trying to find her. Hmm...

Miss you, Little Mac

Her tree is planted so it can be seen from the house, and I've placed her special food bowl at its base. That's all I can do, really. So sad.

Fluff-Fluff's Tree

Nearby is the memorial tree I planted in 2017 for dearly departed Fluff-Fluff the cat. He was - you guessed - a rather fluffy cat, so his Memorial tree is a Flowering Cherry (Kanzan) with very fluffy pink blossom.

Kanzan Flowering Cherry

Thankfully Fluff-Fluff lived to a goodly age. I try and tread gently on his resting place when I'm weeding the Island Bed's interior. Oops.