So pretty!

The Island Bed is host to two of the prettiest and possibly most invasive flowering perennials. They are both Alstroemerias. Normally I don't appreciate plants which cover the ground so well - I like to be in control!

But the dull pink variety I grow on the east-side of the Island Bed is extremely pretty, and flowers from summer well into autumn. You could say that it earns its keep.

New Orange Alstroemeria

Let's now move over to the west side of the bed. My newest Alstroemeria, a bright orange, arrived with some recycled roses - maybe pieces of root were already attached. How beautiful it was in its first flowering season. Then I noticed some rather alarming seed heads. Oops. I checked with the friend who had kindly donated the roses. 'Pull it out at once' she said, rather bossily, 'or you'll never get rid of it'. So she's given me a terrible pest. Thanks, friend...

 Should I be worried?
Bright Orange Alstroemeria

Well, I may regret this soft-hearted approach, but I ignored her. I did trim off all the seed heads and thrown them away, though. I rather like the flash of tangerine-orange, and the west-side of the Island Bed is a bit bereft of colour in mid-summer. Hmm...