Top of the Island Bed

The Island Bed has quite a settled history at Mooseys. It is possibly the part of the garden where the fewest changes have taken place - so far! This is the view from above, looking down to the house.

 Autumn colours abound.
Top of the Island Bed - Autumn 2014

Pride of place used to be given given to the feathery Pampas Grass, but now there is a beautiful Cornus tree with beautifully variegated leaves which is growing slowly and steadily - watch this space!

 See how much the flaxes have grown.
Top of the Island Bed - Spring 2008

Of course there are Phormiums, an odd assortment of original plants (like red dahlias), and various self seeders - mainly Foxgloves and Lychnis.

 Sorry about the patchy lawn.
top of the island bed - summer 2004

Here is a picture of the Island Bed from the archives, taken in the spring of 1998. The growth in the bed is still quite subdued, owing to the time of year, but everything looks so much smaller in comparison - some might even suggest tidier!

 The Island Bed looks good when the lawns are mown. The house and patio garden is in the background
top of the island bed - spring 1998

The lawn down to the house from this viewpoint is gently sloping. It's the only 'hill' on the property.