First Camellia to Flower

Gardeners are allowed to make a fuss over the first Camellia to flower in their gardens. My first Camellia is in the Septic Tank Garden - it's pale baby pink, really beautiful, and turns up in late winter.

 So pretty!
Baby Pink Camellias

Every year I get terribly excited and zoom outside with my camera to take the first pink photograph of the season. And I know that spring is just around the gardening corner. I'll pick the first blooms for the house, and keep checking it every day. Naturally after a week the novelty has worn off.

Name Unknown

The pink Camellia was already planted in the house gardens when I arrived at Mooseys. So I don't know its name, and I can't really find out. So it simply gets the name 'Baby Pink Camellia'. Nice!

 An original shrub.
Baby Pink Camellia

When we have snow in winter I have trouble with branches breaking. But Camellias aren't really damaged by these little breakages. In fact, some gardeners will deliberately prune them, often thinning the shrub so a bird can fly through. If the bird wanted to, of course...