Beverly Hills Hebe

Hebes bred in New Zealand normally have sturdy, no-nonsense names like Southern Snow, or Maori names like Wiri Dawn. Imagine my surprise when I found a clutch of Hebes on the nursery sale table called - wait for it - Beverly Hills.

 In a sheltered spot, flowering by the water.
Hebe Beverly Hills

Goodness me! This promised a certain style. My garden would definitely be going up-market.

Questions, Questions...

And what colour would they be? When would they flower? The answers were almost snuffed out by our serious winter snow storm. My Beverly Hills hebes were badly squashed by the wet snow, and many branches snapped - quite a worry. But one sheltered specimen, however, kept its shape and its stems - and has, I'm relieved to say, just finished flowering.

Beautiful Blue Flowers

I'm pleased to announce beautiful, strong blue flowers which cover the shrub in late spring - or early summer, if there's a difference! God for you, Beverly Hills Hebe! I'm hoping that your brothers? sisters? will all survive their serious pruning and flower for me next year.