Libertia Perigrinans

Libertia is often used in council landscaping with other New Zealand native plants. It has strong and striking spiky growth, with a strong burnt-orange stripe on olive green leaves.

I have these plants in several places in the garden. Some clumps seem to have no green stripe at all.
orange and green leaves of libertia perigrinans

Libertia Perigrinans has quite a different feel and look than other strappy plants of its size. The short pointed spears are stiff, and look painful (they're not). They stand upright in the strongest winds, and dogs charging through the garden can't squash or flatten them.

 The white flowers are a delight in summer.
Libertia in Flower

In summer there are smallish clean white flowers followed by marble sized seed heads which are also a burnt orange colour. Smaller new plants appear close by, and are easily removed and planted elsewhere.

Stylish with Stones

Above all the colour and form of Libertia makes it a super-stylish plant. It looks great with grey river stones. In the Moosey Garden Libertia tends to get lost in the greenery of summer. I must move some into my small rockery (AKA stonery?)...