Variegated Hebes

Variegated Hebes are grown a lot in my garden. The variegated foliage always works well in planting combinations, looking clean and tidy in all seasons. Purple flowers appear in summer, and I love them almost as much as my bumble bees do.

 Easy to grow, cheap, and absolutely lovely!
My Favourite Native New Zealand Hebe

I grow Hebes with two different types of variegation - one is definitely less yellow than the other, and is the variety 'Waireka'. I only have one of these, grown from a cutting. Cross fingers...

 Another plant which escaped the crashing of the willow tree branches.
Variegated Hebe Waireka

I'm keen on the variegated theme foliage-wise, so I've planted many variegated Hebes in different borders. I find that they grow well in partial shade, and only occasionally need rogue plain green stems chopping out.

No Pruning Problems

If this Hebe gets too straggly, I just cut it back as severely as guilt will allow, and it always rejuvenates successfully. Some specimens over the water race were cut to ground level, and a few months later were well on their way back to good health.

 The flowers are a beautiful soft purple colour.
Variegated Hebe Flowering

It's a rather subtle Hebe, and the gentle purple flowers are very attractive. Unlike the Head Gardener it never sulks, and nothing seems to eat it. This variegated Hebe could even become trendy...

Slightly Frost Tender

But be warned - the variegated varieties are slightly more frost tender than the others. Pop them in a pot if you're worried.