My favourite early autumn yellow daisies are in fact perennial Rudbeckia, a relative of the popular annual daisies called Black-eyed Susan. The flowers have clear yellow petals and dark centres.

 These are really beautiful flowers.
Yellow Daisy Close-Up

Perennial Rudbeckia spreads by rhizomes, and new sprouting shoots can turn up rather a long way away from home. For this reason I've resisted the temptation to use it in new garden areas. My one and only Rudbeckia patch grows between the rose arches along the side of the house.

 I look forward to these early autumn flowering perennials.
Yellow Daisy Flowers by the Archway

These bright yellow daisies are absolutely beautiful in early autumn, when some of the nearby yellow daylilies are reflowering. This colour is certainly cheerful when the first cold weather strikes!

This perennial was growing here when I first arrived, over twenty years ago. I'd never met it before, and used to call it a 'perennial Helianthus'. I do hope I've got the name right now. Sometimes a little Googling can lead a novice gardener astray...