Blush Noisette Rose

 Originally planted in The Shrubbery.
Blush Noisette Rose

Location is so very important when growing roses. Back in 2007 I planted three Blush Noisette roses in The Shrubbery. And guess what? The Shrubbery quickly end up with a lot of shade. These roses were not impressed.


One died and the two survivors ended up with single stems after a twelve year fight for life. Phew! In the nick of time I rescued them, potted them up, and the following spring planted them in a proper rose location - the Hunp Garden. Sunshine, fresh air, soil improved with loads of organic matter, great drainage, irrigation on tap (so to speak) - what more could a struggling rose ask for? And they are happy, at last.

Blush pink...

Blush Noisette is a blush pink rose with blue-green foliage, and dates back to 1825. It's the first rose to bear the Noisette name. It has clusters of small, attractive, fragrant, flowers. Many rose nurseries note its abundance of flowers in autumn (fall). That's my experience, certainly.

I love roses which have a generational aspect to their clusters, with new buds, flowers in their prime, older blooms ready to lose their petals, and the remains of flowers long gone all jostling together for space on the same stem. Blush Noisette does this in the most charming way.