Cherry-Red Rambler Rose

 The flowers are almost as big as those of the famous Flower Carpet roses.
Cherry Red Rambler

When the first flowering roses are dead-headed (in theory) and resting in the mid-summer sun, this bright cherry coloured rambling rose starts to bloom. I think it's a modern variety - name unknown!

It grows on the back fence by the Sleep-Out - the perfect rose to brighten up high summer, when the nearby red and orange daylilies are in full flower.

The Cutting Edge of Success

Some years ago I saw this rambler growing on a fence down the road. I remember biking down late one afternoon and taking cuttings. These were the days when I was a new and patient country gardener - I'd had no experience growing climbing, rambling, or scrambling roses. I was terribly excited that I could create a living rose plant from a small piece of pruning!

I planted my successful rambling cherry rose cutting on a long fence, along from the single lemon climbing rose Mermaid. There's been enough room for both roses, and their flower colours look good together.

Not Too Rampant...

Luckily this has been the perfect spot! The cherry rambling rose isn't too rampant, and covers the low fence brilliantly. Its foliage is a glossy, shiny green, and there are huge clusters of deep pink-cherry flowers.

 It has only taken six years for this rose to grow strong and healthy from a cutting.
Fence-Line Rambler

The blooms makes a beautiful backdrop for a clutch of Chatham Island Forget-me-nots growing underneath on the shady side of the fence (though the flowering times are widely separated). Oh well - not a problem!


The cherry rambler could be called Chevy Chase. Is this possible? My big rose book is none too kind about Chevy Chase. Oops!