Corylus Rugosa Rose

I fell in love with rugosa roses early in my country gardening life. Of course I love rose flowers, but rugosas also have wonderful textural foliage. The rose Corylus is one of my latest leafy rugosa treasures.

 A real beauty.
Corylus Rose - Flowers and Foliage

On an early holiday in England (oops - this is beginning to sound like a reminiscing page) I met this rose in Peter Beales's display rose garden in Norfolk. It was the only rose whose name I scribbled down in my notebook. Being a minimalist writer back then I just said I 'liked' it.

Shifted into the Shrubbery

I found a Corylus a few years ago in the supermarket, bare-rooted in a plastic bag full of shredded newspaper. I saw the word 'rugosa' and grabbed it. The first growing season was disappointing - but I'd planted Corylus deep in the Island Bed where ferns and dahlias grabbed all the summer sun's attentions. A quick shift over the grass to the new, light, spacious and airy Shrubbery, and Corylus has responded.

 The books describe the colour as 'silvery pink'...
Corylus Roses

The foliage is more feathery and beautiful than I'd been expecting, so even before flowering this shrub won my heart - just like Peter Beales's Corylus, all those gardening years ago. It's a cross between R. rugosa and R. nitida (from where it must get its delicate leaf shape), and is named after the breeder Hazel le Rougetel.

Pink Flowers

Red rose hips and autumn leaf colour are also part of Corylus's attraction. But as I write it's late spring and I'm loving the translucent strong yet subtle pink flowers. Loathers of the colour pink - Corylus might just win your hearts!