Crepuscule Rose

The soft apricot rose Crepuscule contributes so much to a garden - it's thornless, and the new growth is clean and reddish in colour, so there's no desperate need to dead-head it.

 So pretty.
Crepuscule - Apricot Climbing Rose

The second flowering lasts well into Autumn, and the colour of these blooms is a much deeper apricot colour. It flowers with a mixture of buds and blooms, and the spent blooms never detract.

 Covering the pergola.
Crepuscule in Early Summer

In early summer Crepuscule's flower colour is much paler, and I notice a light fragrance as I walk underneath. I'm very thankful that I chose a thornless rose for the pergola, as it is on the main route to the gardens over the water race. Crepuscule is the perfect pergola rose

My Crepuscule roses (I've planted two) are growing slowly but surely over the pergola, and they're always surprising me. All of a sudden those beautiful apricot flowers seem to be out again. I think this rose would have to be my favourite climber.

 A thornless apricot climber.
Sunny Rose Crepuscule

Just for the record, one of the original two cracked in a winter snow storm (not a normal occurrence in my garden) and suffered a very slow death-by-fungus - well, that's my diagnosis. Eventually I chopped it down and tried planting a new Crepuscule in fresh soil nearby, but alas - no joy. So I'm down to one.