Mutabilis Rose

Mutabilis can never claim to be a neat, manicured rose. Its flowers are scattered over the bush, facing different directions, all in different states of growth or decay. They remind me of a swarm of butterflies resting between flights. The colours are in different shades of pink through to salmon.

 My favourite old fashioned rose.
Mutabilis by the House

Mutabilis is a very ancient rose - and its origins are something of a mystery. My big rose book says 'parentage unknown', which is hardly surprising as it was probably introduced into Europe from China in the nineteenth century.

There are no fussy pruning plans for this rose in my garden - it gets the rough treatment (hedge clippers, and then a light trim after the first early summer flowers). I notice that at times it can look scruffy, and some years it gets a bit of late summer black-spot.

 Such a variety of colours.
Mutabilis Rose

I often talk about Mutabilis in the Moosey journal, but until know it has proved to be rather camera shy. I've also claimed (when asked) that Mutabilis is my most favourite old-fashioned rose. So it's certainly time that this beauty gets a proper mention, and hopefully a good photograph to show off its subtle charms.