Complicata Rose

Complicata is a once-flowering old-fashioned rose I grow in the messy garden in front of my (equally messy) glass-house. It's a rose that likes to spread out over other plants. A well behaved scramble sets its large single pink flowers off nicely.

 A single beauty.
Complicata Rose Close-Up

Interestingly, in one of my neater control-freak phases I thought I'd dug my Complicata rose out completely. I'd decided greedily that as a once-flowering rose it didn't deserve all the space it was taking up. How short-sighted!

 A large shrub.
Complicata Roses

Each year, early in summer, the canes reach elegantly over the neighbouring Buddleia, and the flower display is magnificent. These blooms are a clear strong pink with bright yellow stamens, and some are quite big (nearly 4 inches, or 10 cm wide, to quote my rose reference book). Must go and measure some!

 Lots of pretty pink flowers.
Complicata Rose Bush

Complicata is definitely a large shrub, though. Each year it's more and more difficult to get close enough for photographs. And the type of daylight seriously affects the pinkness of the images. Sometimes it's even gets a fluro-pink look, like this photograph below.

 Photographed in funny light, I reckon!
Complicata Roses

I hope you enjoy these pretty pictures. There are similar single pink roses (pink Sparieshoop's flower is almost identical) but none quite as shrubby and floriferous.