Friesia Rose

Forget the soft butter and egg yolk yellows of the David Austin roses. Friesia is bright and strong - a yellow that stands out in the summer rose garden.

 This is a standard rose.
Friesia Rose - AKA Sunsprite

Friesia rose has a modern, unsubtle look. Mine is a standard, and I've carefully planted it separately from my other roses. Its nearest colour neighbour is bright purple (a perennial verbena) - aren't yellow and purple supposed to be good together? It's a very happy, healthy rose - a gift from a lovely ex-student of mine who was quite irrepressible and very loud - quite symbolic, really!

 I love yellow roses.
Yellow Friesia Roses

The rose Friesia is not listed in my Botanica's big book of roses. Eeek! Does this mean that I've totally got the name wrong? No - it also goes by the name of Sunsprite. I rather like this name for it!

The standard is still there, and I have got another shrub growing in the Allotment Garden.