Glamis Castle Rose

Back in the gardening day I offered a good country home to six Glamis Castle roses. They're white David Austin English roses, named after a famous castle in Scotland.

A Short Rose...

But they're so short of stature! I'm used to David Austin roses growing even taller than the original labels claim. Glamis Castle in Scotland is promoted as a five star attraction, but for me this rose has slightly less impact. But wait a minute - my garden consists of a great, informal country sprawl. I can picture a pair of Glamis Castles looking cute in decent sized pots, or six of them in a neat little row in a tiny suburban garden.

 Photographed on a rainy day!
Glamis Castle Rose

Mine were originally planted close to the edge of the Glass-House Garden, but other perennials (mainly lupins and ligularias) pushed in front. Over the years I lost four of them - they just seemed to disappear in the garden greenery. I dug one out and transplanted it into my new Hump Rose Garden. It's doing well, but still with those annoying black-spotty leaves. I left one behind which is struggling, but still alive. Not one of my wisest rose relocations.

 And rose bud.
Glamis Castle Roses

This might be a rose whish doesn't quite fit the grandeur of its name. But it's pretty, and the flower form (cupped and double) is delightful. The colour is a warm white, too. Enjoy, but have your fungus spray handy...