Golden Celebration Rose

 In the sunshine by the water.
Golden Celebration Roses

I've been worshipping the wrong Golden Celebration rose for years, as a result of an incorrect label. Hopefully I can put things to right - this is the real one with golden egg-yolk yellow flowers.

To me the rose Golden Celebration seems faintly fragrant. My big rose book agrees. I grow several of these strong, somewhat chunky shrubs - one favourite grows by the water's edge, where it shines in the afternoon sun. Nearby purple and bronze foliage from a Copper Beech tree and a large Phormium make a very pretty colour combination.

Softly Cupped

Initially Golden Celebration's flowers have a softly cupped form. Unfortunately for me the roses don't pick well for a house vase - the petals drop quickly. But then I love my roses to be in the garden anyway.

 Beautiful, even though the petals fall off at the first hint of wind.
Golden Celebration Rose

If I had to choose a top ten of roses, the David Austin English rose Golden Celebration would definitely be in there. Perhaps I prefer it to his other famous yellow, Graham Thomas. But don't get me wrong - I'd never be without Graham Thomas.