Pat Austin Rose

Pat Austin is one of the most beautiful of the tall David Austin English shrub roses, and must be named for someone in the breeder's family - yes, it's his wife. She (the rose, I mean) has huge flower-heads which are packed with apricot-tangerine petals.

 Another beautiful David Austin rose.
Pat Austin Rose

I've always loved the richness of the colours which contrast with the softness of the petals. I call Pat Austin my 'Fruit Salad' rose, as the tones remind me of a bowl of apricot, pineapple, and peach pieces. Scrumptious!

Off to a Bad Start...

My Pat Austin had an unfortunate start to life in my garden - I was incorrectly calling her 'Charles'. Oops. She grew up against the warm side of the woodshed, surrounded by a garden tangle of perennials, pansies and annual cornflowers (and dock weeds, I embarrassingly need to add.

Their roots were badly mixed up in the rose's roots, making removal of either difficult). Basically, she was squashed in, and struggling.

 The most amazing colour.
Pat Austin Rose

Eventually I managed to get her name right, and I shifted her out into more sunshine when I built the brick Herb Spiral in 2012. I know she prefers her new location. Isn't she beautiful?

 A spectacular fruit-salad colour!
Pat Austin Roses