Honorine de Brabant Striped Rose

One of my favorite striped roses is the old-fashioned shrub rose Honorine de Brabant. She started life unfairly squashed into a shady garden, rudely kept in place by a wooden cage. Now she enjoys sunnier times in the Dog-Path Garden over the water race.

 The most famous striped rose.
Honorine de Brabant

Upon being shifted to the airy spaces over the water race she's rewarded me with strong growth and beautiful blooms. It's quite simple really - all a 'regal and temperamental' rose requires (the quote comes from my big rose book) is fresh air and sunshine.

The Best Striped Rose

I bought Honorine de Brabant originally on the advice of a trendy garden magazine who claimed this was the best striped rose. I'm glad I took notice, way back then. These days I'm not such an avid reader of the trendies...

 A beautiful striped rose.
Honorine de Brabant

Honorine de Brabant could well be one of the most historic old-fashioned roses I grow in the Moosey garden. She's a good Bourbon, non-alchoholic of course! My rose book says she is one of the most popular roses in the whole world.

 See how this rose likes to spread out!
Honorine de Brabant

Blast! I thought she was happy, growing well, enjoying the sunshine and fresh air, and so on. But over the last three years she became weaker and weaker. I did a tough-love prune. Oops. RIP, pretty striped rose.