Reine des Violettes Rose

Reine des Violettes (Queen of the Violets) is one of the prettiest old-fashioned roses I grow. She has been shifted around a fair bit, and at the moment lives near the woodshed underneath a variegated elm tree. This rose has a beautiful fragrance.

 An old-fashioned rose.
Reine des Violettes

Reine des Violettes is not a neatly manicured rose, but her old-fashioned charm, plus the interesting muddled mauve flowers (my photographs haven't quite captured her colour properly) make her very desirable. She seems to show different colours on different days. Sneaky!

My big rose book describes her as 'nicely scented' - which seems a bit casual. I think her perfume is really beautiful. And most of all I love her title!

 The Queen of the Violets.
Reine des Violettes Rose

My big rose book also says she is classified as a Hybrid Perpetual, looks like a Bourbon, and has flowers like a Gallica. Is she confused? Am I confused? Well, I still love her to bits, and that's all that matters.