Kronenbourg Rose

The hybrid tea rose Kronenbourg isn't listed in either of my big, serious rose books. Seems unfair - it's a striking hybrid tea rose, and always healthy. A sport of the popular and desirable Peace, Kronenbourg has a similar growth habit, though its strong red and pale yellow colours are hardly peaceful.

Flaming Peace

In fact, several catalogues I checked with call it 'Flaming Peace', which isn't really a very kind name at all! I am proud to inform readers that this very rose was featured on a postage stamp in Uruguay. Thanks, Google!

 A large rose with unusual colouring.
Kronenburg Rose

Kronenbourg has two main colours - a claret red, and a straw yellow 'reverse'. It is a large flowered hybrid tea, impossible to ignore, and ostentatiously beautiful. My seaside gardening friend, who is extremely artistic, includes Kronenbourg in her almost rose-less garden.

 Note the shiny green healthy leaves!
Kronenburg Flower and Leaf

My two live in the front of the new Birthday Rose Garden underneath some standard olive trees. They don't really fit in with their fluffy pastel David Austin neighbours - that's just too bad!

A Striking Rose

Kronenbourg is a rose to admire and enjoy. I hope you like it. Its unusually beautiful, and that's a good thing in the rose world.