Oranges and Lemons Rose

Ha! Oranges and Lemons must be the gaudiest, brightest, most artificial looking striped rose in the world. Certainly it would look wonderful planted in its own box-hedged rose bed, as one would find in a properly designed rose garden. My garden only has room for one.

Flowering Late in Autumn

Gaudy it may be, but any rose which flowers late into autumn is always a real delight for me. And think of it this way - those orange and lemon tones blend in so nicely with the changing golden colours of the deciduous trees. Well - maybe they are a bit brighter...

 I think I have got this one named correctly.
Oranges and Lemons Rose

Nursery catalogues nurseries describe Oranges and Lemons as 'striking' and 'colourful'. It's another rose bred by New Zealander Sam McGedy. I rescued it from a sale simply because I like striped roses, but, just quietly, it's probably just as well there was only one...

 So colourful at this drab time of year.
Oranges and Lemons Rose Petals