Sam McGredy's Roses - 3

 A beautiful coloured rose.
Moody Blues

Blue toned roses, roses which look as if they've been hand-painted with vibrant crayons, big blousy beauties, and delicately shaped hybrid teas - there's a Sam McGredy rose for every rose lover, just waiting to be purchased and planted in your own garden!

Moody Blues

Moody Blues is an enigmatic rose - a cool customer, with a beautifully evocative name. But my one solitary bush never quite has the impact I'd like it to.

Mind you - that colour is very, very subtle. As is Moody Blues' breeding - Sexy Rexy and Blue Nile. My goodness, that pair sound quite - romantic?

This rose needs to be in its own Moody Blues rose bed, as I found it in the modern rose garden at the local Botanic Gardens. Or perhaps a trio could be planted close together to sing the blues, surrounded by blue pansies...

Irish Roses

Sam McGredy is Irish by birth, and he moved to New Zealand in the 1980s, continuing his rose breeding. Consequently there are New Zealand names in his collection, as well as traditional Irish.

 A real Irish beauty.
Rose of Tralee

The deeply vibrant pink floribunda Rose of Tralee is a beauty. A whole bed of this one rose is a wonderful sight.

 A sad name for such a warm rose.

And yellow roses aren't forgotten, either. One of my favourites is this hybrid tea named Solitaire - rather an inappropriately sad name for such a warm toned rose.

 What a beautiful rose this is!
New Year

More Roses Required

After my visit to the Botanic Gardens I'm keen to have more of Sam McGredy's roses flowering in my garden. There's always room for more roses!

Apart from the climbers Dublin Bay and Bantry Bay I only have a hand-painted Old Master, one sad Moody Blues, the indomitable Sexy Rexy, and a possible Michelangelo. I'll have to get moving with my new rose collection!

What's In a Name?

One thing puzzles me, though - the influence that a rose's name can have. This exotic, fruity coloured rose on the left is rather lamely called New Year - surely with those tropical sunset colours there'd be something more exciting! Sorry, Sam - I don't mean to be negative. It's just that Spiced Coffee and Sexy Rexy have rather set the standard for names of character!