Pink Iceberg Rose

The label on this rose clearly reads 'Brilliant Pink Iceberg', and the rose itself has been brilliant. The colour is a cool bright pink, and its habit and flowering times are exactly the same as white Iceberg. As I'd expect!

 They’re very beautiful.
A Cluster of Pink Iceberg Roses

Everyone has heard of the famous white rose called Iceberg. Here in New Zealand it's always ranked in the top ten roses, no matter what magazine you're reading.

A Tall Rose

My Brilliant Pink Iceberg rose is tall, and so I suspect it could be grown nicely on some sort of rose support, or even lean up against a fence. It's certainly a rose I'd like more of.

 A good late bloomer.
Pink Iceberg Rose

The colour could be difficult to combine with other flowers - if you worry about that sort of thing. But I guess there'd be no trouble with the colours of Lavender or Catmint. The flowers are an unusual (but nice) mixture of bright pink and white. After a false planting start Pink Iceberg now grows in fresh air and sunshine of the Willow Tree garden, near the water. There's lots of green foliage around to soften the pink.

There's a Burgundy Iceberg rose available in the nurseries. Naturally I've got several of these, too. I believe that both are naturally occurring 'sports' of the white Iceberg.