Sexy Rexy Rose

This New Zealand bred rose has a too-cute name, though its alternative name of Heckenzauber (if my big rose book is to be believed) isn't nearly so memorable. Sexy Rexy is a subtle warm pink colour, and flowers for weeks and weeks throughout the summer.

 Silly name - beautiful rose.
Rose Sexy Rexy

It's such a silly name, though - not quite as stylish as this lovely rose deserves. I believe there is also a smaller version - 'Son-of-Sexy-Rexy'? Hmm...Is this merely the cringe factor of colonial humour? Roses are noble, elegant flowers, and should be named accordingly...

 A Sam McGredy rose.
Sexy Rexy Rose

Sexy Rexy was bred in the 1980s, and is still very popular in New Zealand gardens. But to put the record straight, mine seems to have disappeared. When did that happen? Self-censorship in my garden, maybe...