Iceberg Rose

 They put on such a show.
Lovely White Iceberg Roses

Iceberg! Possibly the most popular, well-known (and well-grown) white rose of all time! Finally my Iceberg roses get the mention they deserve.

A Good Archway Rose

I grow the normal Iceberg bush rose and the climbing variety. They grow well on fences, over archways, and in mixed borders.

I have no complaints with my white Iceberg roses - even when it rains and the white flowers get blotched with pink I love them. I have read garden writers who dislike this look. I'd put up with the blotches to have the rain!

White flowering roses form a good, strong link between other coloured roses - their great contribution to my type of garden is often overlooked. This is the very first time I've bothered to take a close-up photograph, though - Iceberg, I'm so sorry!

I've always grown Iceberg roses - there are bushes in almost every garden border, and one of my later rose purchases was a Pink Iceberg, which I love.

The climbing white Iceberg roses on the house fences were here when we first arrived. I used to prune them so carefully - these days I sometimes just use the hedge clippers. I've also grown several from cuttings, though they are not as robust in growth.

 Photograph by Son-In-Law.
White Iceberg Rose

The flowers are not really suitable for picking for the house, though with so many others to choose from this isn't really a problem!

 What a beautiful rose!
White Iceberg Rose