Paul Transon - Pink Rambler Rose

This pink rambling rose completely covers the roof of the woodshed. The canes drip down all sides, and are covered in early summer with a mass of crinkly pink flowers. And lots of thorns, ready to nip at anyone passing on a ride-on lawn mower and not paying attention... Ouch!

 A pretty sight in early summer.
Pink Rambling Rose on the Woodshed

The flowers have the same range of colours as apple blossom does, and their faint perfume is similar. At first the novice rose detective in me wondered if this could be the rambler called 'Apple Blossom'. But on checking with images on rose nursery websites, no.

Welcome, Paul Transon!

Then a kind reader suggested Paul Transon. And yes! Everything about this roses's description matches my woodshed rambler. And that name rings a distant bell, buried deep in my early gardening memories.

 A very pretty rose.
Pink Rambler Close-Up

I'm sure it must be an old favourite, easily grown, and well known. I bought my rose from a local gardener who'd grown it from a cutting, though she'd wrongly labelled it. In my early 'ramblings' I called this rose the 'Woodshed Rambler'.

 Name unknown - just starting to flower.
Pink Rambling Rose

But now - Paul Transon! Welcome to my garden! Enjoy your stay, and please don't pull the woodshed down. Oops.