Fruhlingsgold Rose

The late spring flowering rose Fruhlingsgold is delicately fragrant, and its scent always surprises me. It is a big tree climbing rose, needing a lot of space to stretch out in.

 The flowers are quite large, and open quickly.
Fruhlingsgold Flowers

My Fruhlingsgold rose is on the edge of the Apple Tree Garden. It is semi self-supporting - a few seasons ago the old apricot tree it used to lean on split in two. As a result of this garden accident I had to prune the rose back - no problem!

 A large shrub, reaching into the trees.
Fruhlingsgold Rose

Fruhlingsgold is really a once-flowering rose, though I have noticed a few blooms in autumn. It is bred by Kordes and is a rose-sister to Fruhlingsmorgen. Both roses suddenly appear in beautiful full flower in late spring, and I love them. They both need space to show their single blooms to best advantage though - lovers of patio roses take heed!