Fruhlingsmorgen Rose

Fruhlingsmorgen is another once-flowering rose I grow in the Moosey garden. It is bred by Kordes - hence the German name. This rose reminds me of a delicate sunrise, and I love the way it drapes itself over neighbouring plants.

 The colours are beautiful.
Rose Fruhlingsmorgen

I've always thought of Fruhlingsgold and Fruhlingsmorgen as sister roses - a quick check in my big book of roses tells me that they don't quite share a parent - oh well! They flower at the same time for me, and I can never see one without thinking of the other.

These roses are given the English names 'Spring Gold' and 'Spring Morning' respectively, and there are three of four other similar roses by the same breeder. Perhaps I could order these new roses for next year?

 Lovely if every ’Spring Morning’ has these colours!
Fruhlingsmorgen Rose Close-Up

When I first grew roses I was too greedy and impatient to give garden space to once-flowering types. I wanted continuous blooming. Then I thought of the rhododendrons that fellow gardeners fuss so much over - they only flower once, and no-one seems to complain. So once-flowering roses are now most welcome in my garden.

 You beauty!
Fruhlingsmorgen Rose

But, alas, some roses just don't make it. Wrong place, maybe, but this pretty rose is no more. Sorry about that.