Saint Exupery Rose

The rose Saint Exupery has me well and truly foxed. I can't really find out much about it, rose-wise. It's pink, and I have label evidence that I've got the name right.

I'm a Google-searcher, rather than a rose book fiend - and the only language I speak is English. Only one nursery in Belgium seems to have it Google-listed, with the following description in French:

Saint Exupery, rose indien, parfume, merveilleuse en bouquet, buisson, 80cm, remontant...

 A rather beautiful rose, flowering late in the season.
Saint Exupery Pink Rose

Antoine de Saint-Exupery was a famous French aviator and a writer, and, as a connection, I've found a rose quote from him : 'You are responsible, forever, for what you have tamed. You are responsible for your rose.' I think his namesake pink rose is a real beauty, though I couldn't possibly think that I'd tamed it! See what you think.

 A real beauty.
PInk Shrub Rose Saint Exupery


Apologies to French spellers - my 'e-acutes' turn into the letter 'i'. So I've had to use a plain old 'e' in my French words.