La Marseillaise Rose

'Roses are red, my love' - sentimental words to write or sing. My newest red rose has actually inspired quite a lot of singing in France - it's called La Marseillaise.

No Excuses Needed

Who needs an excuse for buying a new rose? Not me, not usually, and I couldn't resist the name of this beauty. Sorry, Uncle Walter, but you aren't quite as evocative...

 A standard red, in all senses of the word.
La Marseillaise Rose

La Marseillaise lives in a hot sunny border by the house. At her feet (of course she's a she!) are soft clumps of purple leafed sage, blue flowering geraniums, and purple pansies. This is her first flowering year, and I hope she likes it here.

A Warm Welcome!

Red roses come and go a little in my garden. Some, like the climbing Star of Holland, are good, honest bloomers, others (sorry, Dublin Bay, but I mean you) delight in covering their leaves with rust or blackspots. Let's give my newest red beauty La Marseillaise a warm welcome. Soyez la bienvenue!

 A bit wet with raindrops...
La Marseillaise

Update - oops. La Marseillaise is no longer with me. RIP. Repose en Paix.