Windemere Rose

 Just opening!
Windemere Rose

Cupped roses can misbehave and not open properly in my garden - maybe it's the climate? I'm never sure why. And pale pastel roses can look really washed out under the so-strong New Zealand sun. But not the beautifully cupped, pale pastel, David Austin rose called Windemere. It's one of the newest David Austins to join the Moosey Garden.


This rose is kicking all the trends. It's gorgeous, the buds never spoil, the flowers are loosely petalled and form a really beautiful cup shape. Its pastel colour works really well, too, even on the sunniest of summer days.

Everything about Windemere works for me. This shrub is a joy to have growing in my garden. Wow! I'm so glad I chose it (and only because of the name, oops). Actually, I bought two of them, no reason. I'm so glad I was that tiny bit greedy!

Windemere was introduced by David Austin in 2007, but it's newer than that for New Zealand gardeners. The blooms are pearly creamy in colour, and for me its second flowering is as spectacular as the first. Rose catalogues mention it being 'free-flowering'.

 Their cupped form is absolutely beautiful.
Windemere Roses

My two shrubs grow alongside my rhubarb patch in the back house-lawn garden. I have to stand right next to them whenever I fling food scraps onto my compost heap. Nice!

 A bit wet...
Windemere Rose